Unraveling the Mystery of Machine Learning

How does your analytics team add value?

From Amazon recommending your next book, to Google selecting your best route home, or Pandora creating your ideal playlist, predictive analytics that leverages machine learning can be seen in many aspects of our daily lives.

The recent growth of Big Data has further increased the desire for organizations to acquire advanced analytics methods such as machine learning to drive greater value from their data assets. However, a lot of mystery still remains in understanding exactly what machine learning is and how it can be utilized to unlock hidden business insights and positive results.

At this ALN Executive Forum, attendees will receive a primer on advanced analytics and machine learning and discover both the truths and myths behind one of the fastest growing areas in analytics today. The agenda for this session will include:

  • Introduction to Advanced Analytics
  • Machine Learning – A Means to an End…
    • Did you know? (Real life use cases where Machine Learning is used that touches all our lives)
    • Machine Learning Algorithms – What are they?
  • Machine Learning in Practice – Two Insurance Use Cases
  • Key Takeaways from Machine Learning Initiatives
  • Review of the Technologies, Process and Skill Sets Needed for Machine Learning
  • Q&A

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Date & Time

  • August 31, 2016
  • 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Featured Speakers:

Sandip Chatterjee

VP of Product Development at Gallagher Bassett 

Sandip Chatterjee is VP of Product Development at Gallagher Bassett where he uses advanced analytics and digital strategies to create new products that drive superior outcomes for Gallagher Bassett and its clients. He specializes in creating turnkey solutions that are integrated with company processes and systems to ensure success.

Sandip has 20+ years of diversified industry experience in product development & management, business transformation and consulting. He leverages lean product development and continuous improvement in bringing new analytic solutions to the marketplace.