Streamlining Analytics Delivery

With analytics becoming more pervasive in today’s business, organizations must find ways to improve efficiencies for delivering better, faster, and more cost-effective analytics. This challenge creates a need to improve all aspects of the analytics operating model – encompassing people, process and technology.

At our next ALN Executive Forum breakfast, analytics leaders from two companies will share their different approaches for streamlining analytics delivery. Readerlink will discuss how technology automation and integration is driving the operationalization of their early AI and machine learning efforts. US Foods will present their plan to leverage process improvement and organizational change to enable a shift from analytic projects to analytic products delivery.

Both presentations are sure to make you contemplate how analytics are delivered within your organization. Come join what should be two enlightening discussions. Reserve your spot today!

Streamlining Analytics Delivery at Readerlink

In the last year ReaderLink has made an effort to become an organization that is driven more on the science of supply chain than the art of supply operation. This revelation has opened the door to focus resources on Business Analytics and even deeper towards Machine Learning and A.I. integration experiments. This led to challenges in project scale, development challenges and questions around how this could get integrated within the daily business process. In this discussion we will show how Readerlink tackles and designs a low code environment that allows for seamless and oftentimes invisible integration of these tools to help bring increasing complex demand for advanced practices to everyday operation.

Streamlining Analytics Delivery at US Foods

Over the last year, the US Foods Insights & Analytics organization has expanded it’s scale to the be an enterprise-wide function, while also extending it’s suite of analytic offerings to the business. This growth has required US Foods to revisit it’s organizational design around how analytics teams engage with the Business and IT, as well as the internal operating model to deliver faster through a Product and Agile mindset. During this presentation, we will explore why US Foods shifted from Analytical Project to Product delivery, how the agile process was tailored for success within analytics, and the culture change that comes with such a transformation.

Date & Time

  • September 17, 2019
  • 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Featured Speakers:

Branden Thomas

Senior Director of Advanced Analytics at Readerlink

Branden Thomas brings 15 years of experience in supply chain optimization, with an extensive history in building in-house solutions to make gains in item and shipping process optimization. Consistently operating in high-sku count and fast life cycle environments, he applies his passion in statistical process and automation to bring complex modeling into enterprise level consumption. This experience has led to some new examples where low code automation can bring Machine Learning, A.I. and other analytics to in the enterprise.

Lance Lochner

Senior Mangager, Insights & Analytics at US Foods

Lance Lochner leads the PMO and OCM offices within the Insights & Analytics organization at US Foods. Lance’s teams are responsible for Enterprise Analytics Portfolio and Program Management, as well as the transformation to a Product and Agile model. Holding a BS in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and a MBA from Melbourne Business School, Lance has a deep passion in leveraging data to disrupt the current way organizations operate and to deliver transformational outcomes that drive P&L benefits. In his free he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and suffering through heartbreaking Wisconsin Badger football seasons.