Marketing Analytics & Machine Learning

What is the next generation of Marketing Analytics?

The practice of marketing analytics is not new. For years, organizations have been applying analytics to optimally price products and services, strategically promote to target customers and gain customer share. However, traditional marketing analytics may no longer be enough to remain competitive and retain market share. Many companies are moving to the next generation of marketing analytics by applying the latest techniques in machine learning to optimize their models and automate critical business actions and decisions.

At our next ALN Executive Forum breakfast, analytics leaders from two companies will share real world examples of how they are applying machine learning and predictive analytics to move their organizations to the next generation of marketing analytics.

Marketing Analytics & Machine Learning at Redbox

Redbox has built a machine learning model to optimize promotions issued through email marketing which has led to significant top line and bottom line value for the company. During this presentation we will explore the core business problem and the machine learning solution leveraged. We will also discuss our test & learn strategy to rapidly iterate on the model while driving revenue during market testing. Finally we conclude with challenges we encountered and key learnings for future analyses.

Marketing Analytics & Machine Learning at HAVI

In this presentation, we will share our experience of designing, developing, and deploying HAVI’s first predictive analytics solution. As part of our discussion, we will touch on the challenges and key learnings associated with migrating to the Cloud, implementing machine learning, leveraging open source tools, and adopting the Agile methodology to develop predictive analytics software. In addition, we will provide an overview of the why (the strategy), what (the product), and how (the methodology) as it relates to our decisioning around our predictive analytics solution.

Date & Time

  • May 30, 2019
  • 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Featured Speakers:

Adam Blott

Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics at Redbox

Adam Blott, Ph.D. is a Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics at Redbox and earned his doctorate in econometrics at Clemson University. Adam’s team is responsible for providing data driven insights to drive strategy for the marketing organization and leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to build actionable models that generate revenue and cost savings for the organization.

Ed Pureza

Advanced Analytics Product Owner at HAVI

Ed Pureza is an Advanced Analytics Product Owner at HAVI and is responsible for the productization of data science capabilities. He bridges research and ROI through the development of solutions that enable HAVI to provide analytics services at scale. His experience in supply chain management and analytics spans across multiple industries, enterprise solutions, and roles.

Kishore Konudula

Senior Data Scientist at HAVI

Kishore Konudula is as a Sr. Data Scientist at HAVI in the Advanced Analytics team. He works on solving forecasting problems for one of the biggest QSR’s in the world. He is also responsible for leading the research initiatives at HAVI. He has multiple certifications from SAS and Hortonworks and is passionate about combining open source and proprietary tools to build scalable solutions to business problems.