Data Monetization

How does your analytics team add value?

With the evolution of today’s information economy and advance of big data technologies, organizations are spending enormous amounts of resources to generate, collect, store, and manage their growing data assets. Despite this effort, many organizations still struggle to achieve tangible business value from their untapped data investments.  To remain competitive, organizations must identify opportunities to monetize their data – driving real value for their customers, partners and internal stakeholders.

At this ALN Executive Forum breakfast, attendees will learn what it means to monetize data and how this concept can be applied to get the most out of your organization’s growing data assets. Our speaker, Gokula Mishra, Senior Director, Global Data & Analytics at McDonald’s will share:

  • Proven use cases for data monetization across multiple industries
  • First hand experiences for monetizing data and obtaining business value
  • Valuable best practices for data monetization

Join your peer leaders in analytics, business intelligence, and data management for another great session of professional networking, collaboration, thought leadership and best practice sharing.

Date & Time

  • September 26, 2017
  • 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Featured Speaker:

Gokula Mishra

Global Data & Analytics, and Supply Chain strategy and implementation for McDonalds Corporation

Gokula Mishra drives Global Data & Analytics, and Supply Chain strategy and implementation for McDonalds Corporation in 100+ countries.  He is a senior IT executive with experience in developing and implementing business-driven IT strategy, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy, big data and business analytics architectures and solutions.  His professional pursuits include how to quickly monetize data to increase revenue, improve efficiency, lower cost, reduce and manage risk better.  Prior to McDonalds, Gokula has held senior Data & Analytics roles at Oracle, HP, Knightsbridge, TransUnion, Booz-Allen and ZS Associates.  He is a co-author of Oracle Big Data Handbook published by McGraw-Hill, and he speaks frequently at conferences on how to use and leverage enterprise and open data to generate business value. He is a graduate from Northwestern University.