Big Data in the Real World

Big Data in the Real World

Big data technologies continue to gain wide spread recognition in the analytics space. However, building an actual business case and implementation approach for big data continues to be a challenge for many organizations.

At this ALN leadership breakfast, we will explore two real world big data case studies – one delivered on premise and one in the cloud. Both presenters will share their big data journeys and discuss the key implementation and technology decisions made, business benefits achieved, and the challenges and lessons learned along the way.

Case Study #1: Big Data in the Online Analytics World

Learn how is leveraging its on premise Hadoop/Big Data platform to provide a holistic view of conversion activity that will shift their current value model and move forward over the next 5+ years. The User Conversion Project offers a scalable and manageable solution across all national advertisers that:

• Provide product and product marketing stakeholders insight into the value of various ad products, offering insight into post-click and post-view conversion activity performed on both wired and mobile platforms.
• Offers greater insight into wired and mobile campaign performance.
• Allows better optimization according to desired conversion activity.

Case Study #2: Big Data in the Mobile Analytics World

Hear the story of how one of the largest mobile device providers leveraged big data to deliver some of the best Android smartphones in the world. This case study will discuss the journey to a data driven culture through the lens of building a self-service analytics ecosystem. This case study will cover:

• The vision, business uses and user profiles that framed the path for big data success.
• The decision process behind the big data in the cloud approach.
• How user requirements were realized with a SQL based solution.
• Key factors that led to wide spread business adoption and value delivery.

Date & Time

  • November 18, 2015
  • 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Featured Speakers:

Steven Wheeler

Senior Director of Data Management and Platforms for

Steven Wheeler is currently the Senior Director of Data Management and Platforms for responsible for setting overall data strategy, data architecture, governance, master data management and Business Intelligence/Analytics platforms that drive Prior to, Steven held key leadership positions for companies such as Sears Holding Incorporated, McDonalds, Keane, and TAVA Technologies where focused in areas of Data Architecture, Data Integration and implementing custom/commercial business applications and business intelligence/analytics solutions. Steven holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Grand Canyon University.

Ron Krzoska

Ron Krzoska has an extensive background in device and infrastructure mobility as well as software as a service. Throughout this product development career he has always craved insight on how the products and experiences were consumed by the end user. This desire led him into the analytics where Ron has built infrastructure, analytics insights and self serve ecosystems that delivers data driven business results with big data.